to download an application (app) onto a tablet

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    I'd like to know what is the correct preposition one must use with this kind of objects.


    Thank you for your responses :)


    Just in case, what I want to say is that last thursday I downloaded a certain application onto my tablet.
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  2. SuperXW

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    They are both idiomatic. However, their structures and parts of speech are very different.

    我在iPad下载了... I (at iPad) downloaded...

    我上iPad下载了... I (log on iPad) and downloaded...
    上 in this sentence is a verb. Since the term 上网 ("get on" Internet) got popular, people often say 上+any website/app/electronic device, whenever they may need to "log on and get connected".

    By the way, if you are looking for prepositions, you can also say,
    从iPad下载了 (from iPad...)
    上 would be added AFTER iPad, if you use a preposition, i.e.
    从iPad上 下载了
    在iPad上 下载了
    because 从...上, 在...上 is a more comprehensive structure when using prepositions.
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  3. retrogradedwithwind Senior Member

    This is wired to me.
    在ipad 上 or 从ipad 上 , both are fine but have a little different meanings.

    上ipad 上下载了 is OK?
  4. SuperXW

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    How about 上电脑? Do you hear people say this?
    If not, I admit this is not a common usage.
    In this case you can say:
    在iPad上下载了这个APP "on iPad downloaded"
    下载了这个APP到iPad上 "downloaded to iPad"
    用iPad下载了这个APP "use iPad to download"
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  5. retrogradedwithwind Senior Member

    In net bars网吧, 上机 is always used.
    上电脑 is rare in my life.
  6. Peripes

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    Lima, Perú
    Español, Perú
    Thank you!
  7. Sun14

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    “我在iPad上下载了这个应用程序” is the most natural expression to me.
  8. Messquito

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    The most natural way to put it would be either
    我在iPad下载了这个应用程序 ("I downloaded this app on iPad." With this, iPad sounds like a platform where you perform downloading, meaning either "from iPad" or "(in)to iPad)
    从iPad下载了这个应用程序 ("I downloaded this app from iPad." It's debatable because you actually don't download things "from iPad" but "from the Internet" "to your iPad", but this expression could sometimes be heard)
    下载了这个应用程序 ("I used iPad to download this app." Sounds natural too.)

    For me the third one is used most often.

    我上iPad下载了这个应用程序 sounds pretty odd to me because 上, in technological use relating computer, often refer to acts that involve "surfing" the net, often followed by "Net", or "website name", as in, "我上網下载了这个应用程序" (I surfed the net and downloaded this app.) "我上Google查..."(I used Google to search for...) "我上Youtube看布蘭妮的表演"(I watched Britney's show on Youtube.)
    iPad is not a website so it is weird to use it this way. (It is used, however, but rarely, and never by me.)

  9. Sun14

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    The second one would be appropriate in the context OP provides. The third one might imply or put an emphasis on the device that is iPad, not iPhone or some others.
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