To draw abreast of somebody

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Hi there!

Sentence: A police car drew abreast of us and signalled us to stop (Source: OLAD)

A tentative translation: Una patrulla (de policía) llegó a la altura de nosotros y nos indicó que nos detuviéramos.

Am I right?

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    Then, also I may say: "una Patrulla se nos puso al lado y nos indicó que nos detuviéramos" :tick:

    A picture: Ships abreast,_is_a_small_island_loca.jpg

    Note that you can use 'abreast' with a number, e.g.

    The plough was pulled by horses - four abreast.

    Amid flag-waving, cheers and some tears, 650 troops from the brigade's 12 regiments marched six abreast through the city's streets to mark the end of a six-month tour of Helmand which exacted a heavy toll.

    The photo appears to show the soldiers four abreast! Presumably the other two rows are out of the picture.
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