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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by clarissa82, Sep 17, 2008.

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    Maybe it's a stupid question, but "to emplot" is another way to say "to plot"? Because I can't find this verb in any dictionary. The sentence where I found it is: "these readings of the Exodus emplotted the varied experiences of these individuals".
    Does it mean "hanno descritto"?
  2. baldpate

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    Hi clarissa,


    According to the Oxford English Dictionary (about as reliable a source as you can find) neither "to emplot" nor "emplotted" exists!

    Yet with Google one finds many instances of the use of "emplotted"/"to emplot"/"emplotment", and almost all uses have the sense of "placing in the context of a plot, of a story-line" - meaning by "plot", not complotto, but trama.

    The em- prefix is the clue - used in verbs such as emplace, embroil, empower - meaning generally to put or place somewhere or in some circumstance.

    So it is similar, but not identical to "to plot" - which would mean to create a plot. "to emplot" should mean to integrate into/ contextualize within an existing plot/story-line.

    Sorry I can't translate it for you, though!
  3. clarissa82 Senior Member

    Italy, italian
    Thank you very much baldpate!
    Well, I think that maybe I could use "contestualizzare"

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