To empower: capacitar, facultar, empoderar?

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  1. mizzlizz21 New Member

    I am translating a text for a dual language program in a school and I am having trouble with the word for "empower". Would you use "capacitar, facultar, empoderar"?
    The text is " empowering students that are literate in two languages."
    Mi intento:
    por capacitar a los estudiantes que son letrados en dos idiomas.
    Also, does "letrado" work in this context? or would you use "saben leer y escribir"
    Gracias por la ayuda :)
  2. Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin Senior Member

    Without more context at the beginning of the sentence I would translate...
    "...para facultar a los estudiantes que conocen (hablan) dos idiomas."
  3. newjarek Member

    Lima, Perú
    I would say: "... para incentivar (promover) a los estudiantes que dominen dos idiomas".
  4. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    Hmm, conocen/hablan/dominan are all good, but "literate in" specifically means "can read and write in." I'm guessing mizzlizz21 wants to retain that meaning.
  5. patolawyer

    patolawyer Senior Member

    spanish - Argentina
    Yo haría referencia a estudiantes "versados en dos idiomas". También "con pleno dominio de dos idiomas"
  6. Ynez Senior Member

    Hace falta más contexto si realmente quieres saber qué podría ser normal.
  7. mizzlizz21 New Member

    The full excerpt I am having trouble with is
    As the world diversifies, we will provide the next generation with appropriate tools to be economically and culturally competitive by empowering students that are literate in two languages."
    I dont like "hablar" for literate because it doesnt really communicate literacy, but "saber leer y escribir" sounds strange to me.
    thank you for all the suggestions.
  8. Ynez Senior Member

    What Janis and newjarek said sounds good to me. I will make a mix with my favourite:

    promoviendo a los estudiantes que hablan dos idiomas

    "promover" sounds strange here, but I think it is the closest meaning, and maybe "empower" is strange there too...

    "que hablan" is not a literal translation for "literate", but it is normal; we don't normally say "que leen y escriben".

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