To enfranchise the individual

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About blood check. I'm not sure what is "enfranchise" in this context? either I understood the following "get them engaged"...

...and making lab information which drives 80 percent of clinical decisions more accessible by making it as painless as possible, making it incredibly inexpensive and providing transparency around pricing so that people know before they buy a healthcare service, how much it's going to cost them. We can begin to make it possible to enfranchise the individual and get them engaged.
(Video, blood checks)
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    It's yet another attempt to appeal to people who feel alienated by physicians. The analogy is to voting. In a democracy, every citizen has an equal franchise - that is, vote. Medicine does not work that way. Physicians know more than you do; thus their opinion - vote - has more weight than yours. Because they know something, and you know nothing.
    This upsets a sector of the population. Ad copy that promises to re-enfranchise patients is a common way of selling to these low information, paranoid customers.


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    "To enfranchise" literally means "to set free (from slavery)" but it has taken on the extended meaning of "to empower" -> to give a power to decide [to someone]."
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