to erase videotape by the box load

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Context: an FBI computer specialist examines a computer. But someone has erased the computer drives with a "bulk eraser", that, according the definition from McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, is a device used to erase an entire reel of recorded magnetic tape at once without running it through a recorder.
Now, in a passage of my text, the computer specialist explains to the other agents what is a bulk eraser. He says:
"It generates a power magnetic field. It's designed to erase videotape by the box load."
My problem is simple and maybe a little stupid: I don't know what's a box load. Or, according to you, the agent is simply referring to the bulk eraser itself that he calls "the box"?
Thank a lot
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    This is not a stupid question.

    "Box load" is a quantity: the number of videotapes that are in a box. The people having that conversation probably know how many videotapes a box would hold, but I don't. Or, maybe they don't have a particular number in mind. Maybe they simply mean that however many videotapes are in a box of any size, the device can clear them all at once without anyone having to take them out of the box.
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