To fall ass over teakettle


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Where does this expression come from ? I get the meaning, but it just doesn't make sense to me. I asked around, but no one seems to know how to explain it. Anyone here knows ?
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    Hi Hyppolite - you should come and join us in the English only forum for questions like this - you'll get a larger range of answers there I think, as opposed to here which is more about the best way to translate from English to-from French.


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    No, no. I can answer... there is the expresion on AOL called "roflmao" which is roll on floor laugh my ass off, so To laugh off your ass, is a slangish-type to laugh extremley hard. the part, "like a tea-kettle" would be like how you pour out teaor off. I have lived with this language and learned many negative expressions, but this is not one of them, so if you still dont understand, it would not kill you not to know.


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    Guess not. It was just something I've had on my mind for quite some time now. I thought I'd ask. Thanks anyway Mikey.
    PS : I thought, maybe, there would be a historical explanation, like for the french expression "tirer au flanc" which doesn't have much of a meaning either until you get that explanation.


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    On dirait que l'expression d'origine est ass over tits - teakettle serait donc un euphémisme.
    En français, la pirouette est encore plus acrobatique : cul par dessus tête.


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    I found
    Cliché:Ass over tea kettle
    Explanation: 1. To fall down wildly.
    2. To flip over when falling.
    Country: United States

    Seems to be "faire un soleil", "se casser la figure", "se casser la binette"
    Hope it helps