to fall (down), pick (oneself) up

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Can someone help me with the word (s) for fall down / pick up by translating the following two sentences.

Your pencil fell to the floor. Pick it up please!

You fell down. Pick yourself up (stand up) please.

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    Your pencil fell to the floor.
    铅笔掉了: Pencil dropped.
    铅笔掉在地上了: Pencil dropped to ground.

    Pick it up please!
    请捡起来: Please pick up.
    请把它捡起来: Please do to it the action of picking up.
    请捡起它: Please pick it up. <- This Mandarin sentence is a grammatically correct sentence. But it sounds more like what a foreigner would say.

    You fell down.
    你跌倒了: You fell toppled.
    Mandarin makes distinction between falling from a height (跌下: fall downward) and falling as if tripped (跌倒: fall toppled, ie from an upright position)

    Pick yourself up (stand up) please.
    "Pick yourself up" is a figurative phrase which does not have an equivalent figurative phrase in Mandarin. Mandarin says it in the literal sense:
    请自己站起来: Please stand up by yourself.
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