to fall into a doubt

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  • Thanks for your interesting in answering my question and trying to clarify my doubt. However, I expected something more, like a direct answer to my question and an explanation about it, if it's correct or not. I'm not a "Googles's fan" for searching anything about english. You may know that there is a lot of excelent material over internet, and also a lot of which is not suitable.


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    Diria que "I fell into doubt" seria melhor, embora tampouco me soa comum. "Doubt befell me" é outra posibilidade, mas ainda não é comum tampouco. Desculpe, é o melhor posso fazer.



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    "To fall into doubt" definitely seems like something that's been translated word for word from Portuguese. I think a better way of making the same point would be, "suddenly I'm not so sure" or "now I'm just plain confused" (in AE).


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    If I had to use something like it, I'd go with "a doubt befell me" it is odd and uncommon, but not nearly as much as "I fell into a doubt".
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