To Feather Out


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Hi, WR forums.

deposits appear to 'feather-out' just before the extreme north-eastern site corner, which should therefore expose the Lias more or less ...

Does what is in red mean " decreases "?or vanishes?

Lark-lover left his greetings in here
  • Beryl from Northallerton

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    Thanks. Well as you can see, they've used the term ('feather-out') in inverted commas, which is suggestive of it not being a term of best fit.

    I think that 'feathering' is a painterly term, or one used in painting and decorating, and refers to the very gentle brush work required as you approach a boundary, or a small obstacle, like a light switch, that you don't want to contaminate with your wet paint.

    I imagine this 'feathering out' probably does imply a gradual vanishing. Let's see what others think.