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  1. MademoiselleMG Senior Member

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    Hi there,

    I would like to translate the expression "to feel good" or "to feel comfortable" into Arabic and I wonder which verb to use for "to feel":

    Here is the context: For my part, I feel good/comfortable in my bed, I stay in it. (In the story, the man didn't feel like getting up while there was the fire in the house).

    I found two verbs for "to feel": تَهَنَأَ and شَعَرَ. But should it be translated this way:

    أَمَّا أَنا فأَتَهَنَّأُ بِالوُجود في الفِراشِ أوَ أَشْعَرُ بالتَرفيةِ في الفراشِ

    Thank you in advance,

  2. khidmat Senior Member

    إني مرتاح جدا على فراشي/سريري و أبقي مستلقياً عليه
  3. MademoiselleMG Senior Member

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    Thank you again Khidmat, I don't think spontaneously to Arabic formulas like إِنّي at the beginning of the sentence. I think you made a little mistake at the end of the sentence though: shouldn't it be أَبْقى instead of أبقي and مستلقا instead of مستلقيا ?
  4. lama-94 New Member

    أشعر بالراحة في فراشي, فأبقى مستلقيا فيه
    i feel comfortable in my bed, so i stay lying in it.
  5. MademoiselleMG Senior Member

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    Thank you lama-94. Your correction allows me to keep as well the formula with the verb أشعر I was searching for. I notice that you wrote مستلقيا as khidmat did while I thought he made a mistake! I apologize then khidmat to have been doubting of your answer, I was just not understanding.

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