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Has the verb "to flip" different meanings in english-speaking countries?

In this site the verbe has one translation but in a American song I listened means "to end", "to finish".

The rapper Nelly says: "now it's flipped", which means "now it's ended".

Thanks for clarification.
  • panjandrum

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    Have a look at some other dictionaries to see what they say.
    Then have another look at the lyrics.
    Are you sure it means ended?
    Could it mean something like "now it's changed", "now it's the other way round".
    I have no idea what the lyrics are.
    Perhaps you could post four lines of lyrics for us.


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    I used to be the other man - I used to be the man that women in relationships cheated with.
    Now it's flipped.
    I am no longer the other man. I want to be in a faithful relationship with you.

    Now it's flipped = now the situation is the opposite of what it was before.
    That's a normal use of flipped.
    It does not mean "now it's ended".
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