To/for some people's surprise

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  1. carlostoledano Member

    Hola a tod@s.
    Me gustaría consultar una cuestión que siempre me ha costado diferenciar; se trata de cuándo usar To o For después de determinadas palabras en ingles. Por ejemplo

    - And TO some people surprise´s, ...

    - And FOR some people surprise´s, ...

    ¿Existe alguna norma empírica?
    Gracias de antemano.
  2. Biffo Senior Member

    English - England
    Note that the surprise belongs to the people so we say people's not surprise's. Also in this context 'surprise' is uncountable, e.g.

    "To the great surprise of the majority, the lame horse won the race."
    "To some people's surprise, the bus was empty."
    "To my great surprise, John had already arrived."
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  3. carlostoledano Member

    Thank You Biffo.
    But, when do you put '' And TO some people´s surprise '' or '' And FOR some people´s surprise ''?, Which is the difference between TO and FOR before a noun?, When must you use TO or FOR?

    Thank in advance.
    Best regards!
  4. Peterdg

    Peterdg Senior Member

    Dutch - Belgium
    I can't find any context in which "for some people's surprise" would make sense.
  5. carlostoledano Member

    Peterdg, this is the context :
    'And TO/FOR some people´s surprise, robots have not taken over the workplace yet either'

    Thank in advance.
  6. juan082937 Banned

    T To my disappointment, he didn´t ask me why I was wearing a false nose.
    To my surprise/astonishment, etc.)Para mi desengaño, no me pregunto por qué estaba llevando una nariz falsa.

    To my surprise, the newspaper wasn´t interested in the story
    To Phil’s delight, his plan proved successful

    These are comment adverbs, that are placed at the beginning of a sentence or phrase, the preposition 'TO' is used for someone's feelings about something.
  7. timlee43 Member

    Los Angeles
    Hi, Carlostoledano,
    I'm not sure which language has the greater number of difficult prepositions, English or Spanish. Peterdg is correct when he says that "for some people's surprise" doesn't make sense. In the context you have given, you could say either "And to some people's surprise, ..." or "And to the surprise of some people, ... (not as good, but acceptable). You could also say "And for some people, it is surprising that ...
    I hope this is helpful.

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