Silent Brown

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Hello everyone, I am taking the trouble to do with this question.
Lazy boys have a distance ... hard work.
a. to
b. for
c. in
d. at
I think it's "to" because it refers to the way to hard work. But the key says b "for". I don't get any of it.
Could you explain it to me?
Thanks in advance.
  • Cardinal101

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    Hi Silent Brown- I think the reason you don't get any of it is because I don't get it either! None of the options make any sense. The sentence is poorly written. A better sentence would be: "Lazy boys have an aversion ... hard work." I think you know the right answer!


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    The only way that would make sense is if you were to substitute "distaste" for distance in the sentence.

    Lazy boys have a distaste for hard work. - (b) is the correct answer. :)
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