... to get in line for production slots...


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The more that one airline orders, the more pressure that puts on those who haven’t yet ordered because of the need to get in line for production slots.” (source)

What does "get in line for something" mean?
I'd like to know what "production slots" means, too.
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    Hi Wookie,

    To get in line for something means that you need to wait for other people to take their turn before you. The companies in the article don't have to physically wait in a line/queue (like you do when you wait at the bank for example), but they have to wait by putting an order on a list, and the companies who put orders in first get the first planes that are produced.

    As far as "production slots", Boeing can only make so many airplanes at a time, so if Companies X and Y are already waiting for planes, these slots are full (slots being the production space, equipment, labor, etc. required to make the planes), and Company Z will have to wait until those planes are finished and a new "slot" opens up.
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