to get into hot water

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  1. marianaka Member

    Argentinian Spanish
    Agradeceria me informen el equivalente en español de la siguiente frase
    "To get into hot water"..... I got into hot water with my boss for wearing casual clothes to the meeting with our best customers. Si es posible, no traduccion, sino su equivalente en español si es que existe.
    Muchas gracias!!!!
  2. RosaLeeMarie Senior Member

    United States
    American English
    I can't give you the equivalent idiomatic expression, but I can tell you what it means:

    "to get in trouble" or "to get into an uncomfortable, risky, or threatening situation."

    If this is enough information for you to connect this with the equivalent expression, I would be interested to hear what it is in Spanish.
  3. marianaka Member

    Argentinian Spanish
    Thank you so much RosaLeeMarie
    That´s what I understood,if I find the equivalent expression in spanish I´ll let you know ASAP
  4. lagena Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine Spanish
    to get into hot water = meterse en camisa de once varas
  5. marianaka Member

    Argentinian Spanish
    Gracias lagena!!!!

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