to get into somebody’s punch

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Français - Belgique

I’m reading the novel The Seeker, from R. B. Chesterton.

Here’s a little extract I’m not sure to understand very well:

I was getting worried. Maybe he got into Dorothea’s punch.”

Dorothea is the boss of the young man in question and she certainly wouldn’t strike blows at him. So …What does getting into somebody’s punch mean ?

Thanks !
  • owlman5

    Senior Member
    "Punch" can refer to an alcoholic drink that is served from a bowl at parties, Roumoncalm. If Dorothy had a party, that would make sense.


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    British English (Sussex)
    In case it isn't clear, this would mean Maybe he's been drinking some of Dorothea's punch. It's very informal. Also informally, in BE we would probably say: Maybe he's been at Dorothea's punch.
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