to get my calculator out


Hi, everyone.
This is from <Incurable Romantic> by Frank Tallis.

He ran into his ex-girlfrien who he was obssessed with and he believed that it's not a coincidence.
I don't get what "to get my calculator out" mean in the underlined sentence.

‘Why odd?’
‘Well, what are the chances of that happening – in a city the size of London?’
‘More than you might think.’ I reminded him that human beings frequently misjudge probabilities.
‘I was hardly going to get my calculator out . . .’
‘No. But you invested this chance event with special meaning.’
‘Yes, I suppose so.’
  • grassy

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    He's jokingly saying that he didn't think of using a calculator to figure out the exact probability of their bumping into each other in London.
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