"to get over on somebody"

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Here's the context:

Two young men belonging to a gang are on trial for murder. Their homeboys threaten the jury: one of them points his fingers at the jurors as if it were a gun and goes “bang”. The next morning, the members of the jury tell the judge about it. One of the jurors then says : They got in my face too last night. (speaking to the other jurors:) But they’re just trying TO GET OVER ON YOU.

By the way, how do you understand "they got in my face" ?

  • Benjy

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    get over on you.. i have no idea.

    as for get in someones face, the idea is you walk right up to someone and try to intimidate them by physical promximité.


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    "get over on" someone is to take (unfair) advantage of them.

    Usually by trickery or deception, but in this case by intimidation.

    also: Pull a fast one.
    also: Pull the wool over their eyes.
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