to get the shit knocked out of

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by giuliotta, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. giuliotta

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    Italian - Italy
    Ho capito che si tratta di qualcosa di violento :(
    Ma come tradurre?

    "essere pestato a sangue"?

    Ecco il contesto

    "You grew up only 45 minutes from The Village. And yet, it’s a different world out there on Long Island.
    [...] I’m not saying there isn’t homophobia in Manhattan, but I can walk down the street in drag and I’m not going to get beaten up.
    I could never do that on Long Island. :warn: I’d get the shit knocked out of me. :warn:"

  2. rrose17

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    Canada, English
    essere picchiato
    same as to get beaten up
  3. PaulJanus Member

    Per mantenere il significato colorito della frase propongo:
    I’d get the shit knocked out of me ->
    Mi farebbero un culo così.

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