to get your ass handed to you

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  1. morganed New Member

    pouvez vous m'expliquer ce que signifie en francais "to get your ass handed to you"
    Merci beaucoup :)
  2. Kelly B

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    USA English
    Welcome, morganed,

    To get a good translation, context is essential. Please tell us the complete sentence, and what else is happening at the time.

    It usually means to get beaten up, or beaten in a contest, or yelled at.
  3. laudace

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    Ohio, USA
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    The expression means to be beaten soundly (roundly) in a contest, for example.

    Also, You got whipped! You were blown away! You were smoked (in foot races, e.g.).

    Meilleurs voeux.:)
  4. mauhilje

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    I was reading and I found this " you can have the law and treaties and justice and humanity and the United Nations and the Bible and everything else on your side, and you can still get your ass handed to you.

    I still have my doubts about this expression. I appreciate all your help. Thanks

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