to give up on yourself

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  • Moon Palace

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    Literally it means je ne compte plus sur moi-même, but a more common way of saying this would be: je ne me fais plus confiance (ie I don't trust myself anymore).


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    french (France)
    "baisser les bras" don't mean about oneself, it must be add :)"je ne me fais plus confiance" is good, as Moon Palace said or you can also say : "je ne crois plus en moi"

    Jasmine tea

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    French - France
    You're right whims, baisser les bras can be used to express the idea that you will be giving up on a situation... you do it because you do not have the strength/power or self-confidence to continue...
    A sentence before or after would best complete this "baisser les bras"...
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