To go out for a pass


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Hello everyone!

I do not understand what "to go out for a pass" means and how we could translate it into Spanish.

It is from a scene of the 2nd of episode of Twin Peaks.

A guy tells two others to go away and then "Go out for a pass!"

Does it mean "to get lost"?

("¡Váyanse de aquí!") ??

Gracias a todos de antemano
  • fenixpollo

    American English
    Literally: run away from me, or run down there, so that I can throw you the football.

    I've never heard it used to mean "leave" or "get lost".


    Sí, estoy de acuerdo con fenixpollo. No significa "sal" ni "vayanse de aquí" sino, "anda lejos de mi para que yo te pueda lanzar la pelota" (de futbol americano). "Go deep" es otra manera de decirlo (go deep for a pass = anda aun más lejos)
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