To go through the motion

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    To go through the motions (plural).

    Collins Robert offers these equivalents:

    Faire quelque chose machinalement

    Faire quelque chose en ayant l'esprit ailleurs

    Faire mine ou semblant de faire quelque chose.


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    I have got a question for you concerning the phrase "to go through the motions".

    I read this phrase in the following sentence :
    "she was a woman with little appetite and only a faint desire to go through the motions"

    Couldn't "go through the motions" mean "she is tired of life and has only a little desire to go on living"?
    Thanks for your help


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    "To go through the motions" evokes the idea of merely performing (without really being engaged in them) the actions of whatever is in question, for whatever the reason. Here you are right; the reason is that she is tired of living and doesn't want to even pretend to perform the actions required by life.
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