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to go to university

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by eyesofsky, May 15, 2007.

  1. eyesofsky Senior Member

    English - UK
    This is one that I always feel I am getting wrong and always forget when it is explained...:eek:

    Can I use "ich werde auf die Universität gehen" or is it "in die Universität"?

    Either way it feels very un-German to me...

    Ich danke Ihnen im Voraus :D

  2. starrynightrhone Senior Member

    Austria, German
    Hello Eyesofsky,

    I'd say "Ich fahre auf die Uni" or "Ich gehe zur Uni".

    "In", on the other hand, you can use for going into (for example) a lecture hall: "Ich gehe jetzt in den Hörsaal."

    Hope this helps :)
  3. Voxy

    Voxy Senior Member

    Hamburg; Germany
    Deutschland, deutsch
    Actually you can say both of them no problem,
    depending what you do intend to express, of course. ;)

    Be aware, that both expressions are pretty colloquial.
    Without any context given, I'd suggest the following:

    "Ich werde auf die Universität gehen."
    suggests, that you actually do not attend a University, but
    you intend to do so in the near future, say, next year.
    The expression Ich werde auf die Universität gehen
    hints at the idea of attending the University soon.
    Another way of saying the same in more standard German is:
    "Ich werde die Universität besuchen."

    "Ich werde in die Universität gehen."
    assumes, that you actually do attend a University.
    (But you are not there right now.)

    Imagine, you wake up and you don't have a clue
    what to do. You have different choices (visiting the zoo,
    visiting some friends, going to the University), you make
    your decision. You plan to go to the University, (in order to
    study *something*), instead of wasting time. ;)

    Actually you will hear students rather saying:
    "Ich werde (heute) in die Uni gehen, um das Quantenphysik
    Seminar zu besuchen, (anstatt zuhause rumzuhängen)" -
    "Today I am going to the University, in order to visit the
    Quantenphysic Seminar, (instead of lingering at home).

  4. starrynightrhone Senior Member

    Austria, German

    Not in Austria. I was actually quite surprised that you can say "in die Uni gehen" in Germany, that sounds very wrong to me. In Austria you go "in die Schule" so that you can go "auf die Uni" later.

    A quick Google research confirmed this:

    "in die uni gehen" on Austrian sites: 5 occurrences
    "in die uni gehen" on German sites: 3.600 occurrences

    So eyesofsky, both of your versions seem to work, depending on the country. Even though one sounds very "un-German" to me (to use your words) ;)
  5. eyesofsky Senior Member

    English - UK
    Danke, Voxy, sehr ausfuehrlich! And that's a cunning plan, starrynightrhone, if anyone challenges me on it I can tell them.. "well actually I'm speaking Austrian German, so there!"
    I consider myself informed :D
  6. Aurin

    Aurin Senior Member

    Alemania (alemán)
    For me it also sounds strange: "in die Universität" referring to go studying.
    I´d say in this case: auf die Universität.
    Only referring me to the building I´d use the preposition "in".
    For example the postman goes "in die Universität".
  7. eyesofsky Senior Member

    English - UK
    Unless it's a university to learn how to become a postman, of course :p
  8. starrynightrhone Senior Member

    Austria, German

    Hahaha, we just don't have study programmes for postmen, at least not that I'm aware of ;)

    In any case, since "auf" seems to be acceptable in Germany too, you should always be on the safe side with "ich gehe auf die Uni".
  9. Aurin

    Aurin Senior Member

    Alemania (alemán)
    Exactly, that´s it.
    But there won´t be any confusion because becoming a postman doesn´t require a university education.
  10. Voxy

    Voxy Senior Member

    Hamburg; Germany
    Deutschland, deutsch
    :) Hi,

    as I stated somewhere in my post above, the expression "in die Uni gehen"
    is sloppy language among students. But in my ears it is acceptable to
    some degree, more than "auf die Uni gehen" anyway. ;)

    In Germany (at least) the Expression "Auf die Universität gehen werden"
    is strictly connotated with the idea to attend the University sometime
    in the (perhaps not so distant) future. Nobody in Germany says "Ich werde
    auf die Uni gehen.", in order to express, that he/she is now planning to go to
    the building (in which the University is casted).
    By no stretch of my imagination. ;)
  11. Voxy

    Voxy Senior Member

    Hamburg; Germany
    Deutschland, deutsch
    Hi sky,

    can you elaborate a wee bit, what your original intention is/were?

    Do you want to say: "I will attend the University next year, after I have finished highschool."

    Or else, do you want to express: "Uhm, today, I'm going to the University to visit Seminar XY."

    That makes a difference.

  12. starrynightrhone Senior Member

    Austria, German

    Well, ok, then there seems to be a difference in usage between our countries. But "in die Uni" also sounds strange to Aurin, and she's from Germany too, so.... I dunno.

    When somebody asked me not too long ago "Hey, where are you going?" and I was heading towards university, my answer was "auf die Uni". By no stretch of my imagination "in die Uni" is (or would have been) possible ;)
  13. starrynightrhone Senior Member

    Austria, German

    May I just add that it only makes a difference for Germany? In Austria I'd use for both cases "auf die Uni".
  14. Voxy

    Voxy Senior Member

    Hamburg; Germany
    Deutschland, deutsch
    Oh dear, read post #10 again. ;)
    On the other hand, I'd understand "auf die Uni gehen" too.
    Anyway context matters, do you agree?

    By the way, I really love that Austrian German pronunciation.
    Really, no kidding.

  15. Voxy

    Voxy Senior Member

    Hamburg; Germany
    Deutschland, deutsch
    All right, i see. ;) I'd say in that particular case "zur Uni". Anyway
    i am collapsing.;)

  16. Acrolect Senior Member

    German, Austria
    As has been mentioned, we would do so in Austria. But this is hypothetical because most universities are more campus-like with a number of different buildings. I say
    Ich gehe ins Hauptgebäude (= main building)
    (more commonly however) ... zum Hauptgebäude (even if I intend to enter it)
    Ich gehe aufs Institute (= department)
    Ich gehe auf die Geographie (= short for 'Department of Geography')
    Ich gehe auf die Sprachwissenschaft (= short for 'Department of Linguistics').
    ... even if I mean the building where these departments are located.

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