to go with the flow and not to resist

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  1. Juice370 New Member

    I'm looking for a phrase or philosophy in Japanese which means "whatever happens it's OK" AKA "just go with the flow", "not to resist". I'm not looking for a direct translation but I'm struggling on this one to find anything which fits. Wabi Sabi seems pretty close but a lot of references for this are for design it seems. Any help appreciated.

    Thanks a lot
  2. Tonky Senior Member

    The common and familiar ones I can think of are "なすがまま" and "しょうがない/仕方(しかた)がない".
    In Buddhism, "諸行無常(しょぎょうむじょう)" may be it, say as "everything changes", or just simply as "無常(むじょう)" or "もののあはれ".

    Not really sure if any of those fits, can you possibly give more information on how or where you want to use it?
  3. YangMuye

    YangMuye Senior Member

    "just go with the flow", "not to resist" sound like Taoism. It makes me think of 自然 and 無為.
    Buddhism has a much larger influence than Taoism in Japan.
    There is 無為自然 and 天然自然, but I don't know how many Japanese people use it.
  4. Tonky Senior Member

    Ah, that 無為自然 is a good one, YangMuye, although 天然自然 is less common I'm afraid.
    It is rather a positive way of looking at it, while 無常 ones are more like trying to enjoy it with a shade of sadness, just like how we enjoy sakura for its short blossom time.

    明日は明日の風が吹く or 果報は寝て待て may be closer to such positive view.
  5. Juice370 New Member

    Thanks a lot for your help, really appreciate it. I'll get on with my homework and see which fits the best.
  6. Yamamotoyama New Member

    長いものには巻かれろ literally means "let yourself wrapped in a long one."

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