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    If you're looking for a translation of the verb "go", you can find it under "go": go - English-Spanish Dictionary - WordReference.com

    go vi(leave, depart)irse v prnl
    (formal)partir vi
    You'd better go. It's getting late.
    Es mejor que te vayas. Se está haciendo tarde.
    go to [sth] vi + prep(proceed to, head for)ir a vi + prep
    ir para vi + prep
    I'm going to London this summer. Anne went to Italy for her holiday last year. Robert goes to the market every Saturday morning.
    Voy a ir a Londres este verano.
    go vi(move along, advance)ir vi
    circular vi
    The train was going at top speed. Electricity goes along wires.
    El tren iba a la velocidad máxima.
    La electricidad circula por los cables.
    go vi(extend)llegar vi
    (formal)extenderse v prnl
    Our property goes all the way down to the river.
    Nuestra propiedad llega hasta el río.
    Nuestra propiedad se extiende hasta el río.
    etc., etc.

    If you look for "to go", you'll get the Spanish translation for the whole phrase "to go", meaning "remaining".
    to go adv(remaining, left)faltar vi
    We still have ten miles to go.
    Todavía nos faltan diez millas.

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    Thank you, TheCrociato91. Hopefully that was what Erica was looking for. If she was actually searching for the verb "ir", she may have also been in the wrong dictionary, as it is in Spanish to English.