To have a dream or to see a dream?

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  1. Hi,
    What do you say "to have a dream" in Japanese? Is it literally translated as "to see a dream" and not "to have a dream"?
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    As I know, (but I'm awfully weak in Japanese) they say: 夢を見る[yume (w)o miru/mimasu]; it means "to see a dream".
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    "To have a dream" is also possible in Japanese. Then again, 夢 as in 夢を持つ (yume-o motsu) means a future plan, not visions/experiences while one is asleep.
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    In Japanese, 夢を見る is different from 夢を持つ。

    1. 夢を見る means "to have a dream "(while sleeping) or
    to dream someting which is very difficult or almost impossible
    to come true.

    2. 夢を持つ means "to have an ambition to acomplish someting.

    Hiro Sasaki

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