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How can I say in Spanish "to have funny comment". It is a verb. It not about telling jokes (funny stories, eg about blondes, cops etc), it is about having funny comment to the actual situation.

For example: A group of people goes to a cemetery and the door leading there is locked. Peter says: "They are not at home.", Maria says: "Peter is always having funny comments."

suggestion: tener comentario divertido, sonreír, sonreírse, andarse con bromas, bromear, burlar, chancear, gastar bromas, hacer bromas, juguetear, picardear, picarizar

EDIT: In English it should be "to make funny comment".

Thank you.
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  • cornejo

    You are right. I am looking for translation of:

    "Peter is making humorous comments." or "Peter is making funny comments." in the meaning of providing fun.


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    You can say "Peter, con sus chascarrillos de siempre" (informal and non-literal translation)

    Or Peter siempre haciendo comentarios graciosos (literal) - Here I would think it is an ironic comment.
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    Peter siempre tiene comentarios divertidos. :thumbsup:
    (Tener comentarios divertidos).
    Aunque la traducción directa es "hacer" (Peter hace comentarios divertidos) y también te sirve, pero cuando es algo más personal de "Peter" puedes decirlo como en el ejemplo que puse, es muy habitual.
    Un saludo.
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