to have a jones for

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  1. Mine.. Member

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    Could anyone help me understand what this expression means?
    "To have a jones for".

    Is it "to have a (very strong) desire for something / someone ?
    In what context can it be used? Is it old-fashionned?

    Thank you !
  2. Kelly B

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    I think it is relatively recent, used mostly by the young, and yes, you understand it correctly. I usually hear it used this way: "I'm really jonesing for..." a cigarette, for example. I don't know the origin.
  3. harrythelm Senior Member

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  4. Mine.. Member

    France, French
    Thanks a lot to both of you
  5. Budd

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    Clarification and a question:

    harrythelm's reference to the Wiki site is okay, but the site it not right when it says it refers to heroin: it never did--it referred originally to a heroin addiction. It is used now to mean a craving, an intense desire; in other words, it has become debased and almost meaningless; cf cool. It's origin is also a bit older than the Wiki site suggests, probably going back at least to the 1940s among black jazz musicians.

    Now, a question: is there a French equivalent, especially one meaning more or less je suis accro de la came? Merci.
  6. Alpheratz

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    In french we say "je suis accro à la came".

    I suggest : "Je suis en manque de... came, sexe, toi, etc."

    eg : She knew you woulda been beggin' for a bottle if you didn't already have another drug to satisfy your jones.

    Elle savait que t'aurais pas supplié pour avoir une bouteille si t'avais une autre drogue en réserve pour calmer ton manque.

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