To have in mind vs on your mind?

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    To have in mind: to have an idea brewing in your head

    Alicia: Well, what are you going to do to get your boss to give you a raise?
    Meghan: Well, I have something in mind.
    Alicia: What? You have a plan?
    Meghan: Yes; I'm going to threaten to quit! Maybe then he'll give me a raise!

    What's on your mind: a question asking about someone's emotional status

    Alicia: Hey Meghan; you look glum. What's on your mind?
    Meghan: Oh, nothing. It's just that my boss suggested that I quit after I threatened to leave the company.
    Alicia: Does that mean you don't have a job anymore?
    Meghan: Yes, it does. I worked so hard to become the clerical assistant; now I have nothing.

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