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    I would like to know if the expression "to have (strong) feelings for someone" has the same meaning as "to be in love with someone". If I said to someone that I have strong feelings for him, would it sound be as big a statement as if I was saying that I am in love with him or that I love him?

    I was wondering whether there is any difference, even minimal. To my Spanish ears "to have (strong) feelings for" sounds slightly more vague and flexible than "to be in love with" , but I may be wrong. Could I say for example that I have strong feelings for a very good friend or for someone that I hold very dearly but in a non-romantic way? (if this makes sense!)

    Many thanks!
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    You are right. It is more vague and flexible than "to be in love with." Depending on the context, it can mean almost the same thing, but it would generally suggest that the person saying the words is afraid to say "I love you" for some reason, perhaps because he is worried that it would frighten the other person away, or perhaps because he doesn't really love the other person but doesn't want to hurt her feelings by saying so, or perhaps because the person doubts his own feelings.

    I'm not sure I'd use the expression in a non-romantic way. In just about every context I can imagine, it implies something romantic or sexual.
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    Many thanks Roger, this is really helpful!

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