to have them treat us


I´ve read a old fragment of the bible
christ encouraged us to treat others as we would like to have them treat us
I don´t understand the final part TREAT US "tratarnos"
I can interpret it this way
cristo nos alentó para tratar otros como nos gustaría tenerlos TRATARNOS
Am i right? why i can´t say "to have them to treat us"?
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    Es como una expresión hecha:

    have (someone) (do something)

    When you are in charge of someone, like an employee, you can "have them" do things for you. For example:
    I'll have my assistant send you those documents later today.
    Why don't we have the waiter bring us the check now so that we can leave quickly?
    You also use this expression to ask someone to pass a message like this:
    Can you have her call me?

    En castellano entiendo que no podemos traducirlo literalmente, sino más bien: "¿Me podría ella llamarme?" / "como nos gustaría que nos trataran" (no: tenerlos para tratarnos).

    Esperemos la respuesta de nativos, no obstante.

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