To have you as a friend

Jean Francoix


If I say to my friend that I am lucky to have you as a friend .
Is this the right of saying that ?

Thank you,

Jean Francoix
  • It is a grammatically correct and natural-sounding sentence, Jean. Perhaps your friend is lucky as well. :)

    English people, being the reserved people they are would not give such an intimate compliment (well I can't imagine a guy saying that to another guy)
    Men would probably say to eachother: You are a good mate (maybe not the best English in the world but it is definately said) The word mate is used a lot in England as a more casual word for friend and even a stranger says it to another stranger to let them know it's a friendly conversation.

    you are a good friend to me and I suppose one could say I am lucky to have you as a friend (especially if the friend has just got them out of some trouble!!!)