"to help you" or "to help yourself"


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Hi everyone,

I've come across the following sentence in my book on phrasal verbs and would like a native speaker to tell me whether the underlined part is correct:

"Do you say words out loud to help you to remember them?"

Shouldn't it be "to help yourself (to) remember them" ?

Thanks in advance.
  • entangledbank

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    'Yourself' is only used when it refers back to the subject of its own clause. Here the clause begins with 'to help', and the subject of 'help' isn't you. What helps is the practice of saying words out loud. So 'you', not 'yourself', because the clause it's in isn't reflexive.

    Some languages have reflexives that can point back to the subject of an earlier clause. But not English. In English it's only local.
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