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Is there an Arabic phrase/expression that can be used to express the following in Arabic:
“If you want to learn the Arabic language, you should immerse yourself in it.”
“If you want to learn about Arabs, you should go to an Arab country and immerse yourself in the culture.”

What word would we use for “immerse” in this context?

Off the top of my head, I can only think of أحاط as maybe expressing this, but I’m sure there’s a better word/phrase out there?

Would خاضَ work here or no?

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    Say 'surround yourself'
    حاول أن تحيط نفسك باللغة التي تريد تعلّمها
    since 'immerse yourself' doesn't translate well
    حاول أن تغمر نفيسك في اللغة التي تريد تعلّمها
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    How about "يتعمق" meaning "to go deeply into, become absorbed in" ?

    تَعَمَّقَ (في), يَتَعَمَّق, التَّعَمَّق

    Abu Talha

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    حاول أن تحيط نفسك باللغة التي تريد تعلّمها
    وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله
    I was thinking that أحاط بـ is used where the subject of the verb is surrounding the indirect object. That is, the above sentence (without نفسك) would mean that you surround the language, not the other way round. Or maybe I just haven't seen it being used like this.

    Perhaps you can use it in a passive sense: حاول أن تكون محاطا باللغة ... or اجعل نفسك محاطا باللغة ...?

    As suggestions for conveying the figurative meaning of immersing, how about اجعل بيئتَك مستغرَقةً باللغةِ or حاول أن تستغرق الغةُ بيئتَك ?

    EDIT: Actually استغرق does not really have to do with immersing, rather it has to do with taking up completely something. But I thought its root غ ر ق may be sufficiently close enough.
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    استغرق means 'duration' as in 'something took so long to do' in modern Arabic. Doesn't work here.
    تكون محاطاً sounds clumsy, and اجعل نفسك feels like you change something in yourself which isn't true here. حاول أن تقيم في مكان تحيط بك فيه تلك اللغة is one way but it's too long.
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