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Hello everyone,

so far I know, "to install" accepts prepositions like "on" or "in", like in the following sentences composed by myself:
"We installed the new dishwasher in the kitchen."
"I'm going to install that game on my computer."

I am aware that there are other languages that use their equivalent of the verb "to install" with a different preposition/case, and this might be why I keep spotting instructions on "how to install something to a computer", and similar. It's made me a bit unsure, though. Could someone tell me if there are cases where "installing something into/onto/to some other thing" is correct, or if it's just plain wrong?

Thank you.
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  • Hmm, "install something to the computer" doesn't sound very good to me, maybe it's just me though. I think you can say "install something onto your computer." Or onto the wall or something like that... Install in and install on are most common though.
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