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    Hi, is "To jest..." an old saying of "To je..."? I thought jest was just an Polish word, until last night I saw some used "To jest..." to express "that is" in Czech. Is that an old saying of "To je" or not? If not, what is the different between "To je..." and "To jest..."?

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  2. Hrdlodus

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    Yes, it is.
    It is not wrong, but isn't used often. So it sounds archaic and interesting.
  3. Odriski Senior Member

    :thumbsup:Thank you, good!
  4. Just a remark here. When there is the abbreviation 't. j.' (corresponds to English/Latin i. e. = id est = that is) in a written text that is being read loudly or even in a speech where there is no written text, it is almost always pronounced 'to jest' as opposed to 'to je'. The reason for this being probably that it is a highly formalized and frequently used expression.
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  5. bibax Senior Member

    Czech (Prague)
    Another remark.

    In Czech the abbreviation (zkratka) is tj. 

    In Slovak the abbreviation (skratka) is t. j. (AFAIK there is a space).

    Both abbreviations mean the same: 'to jest' (= id est).
  6. Hrdlodus

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    Next remark:

    TJ means tělovýchovná jednota. (Something like gymnastics club.)
  7. Tchesko

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    Paris 12
    I've been trying to find when jest started to be considered as archaic but couldn't find any precise reference.
    However, this source from 1920 considers both forms as correct but jest as slightly archaic.

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