to jump on someone (i.e. dog onto person)

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  1. aliceinchains Member

    Australia, English
    I'm having trouble translating this verb/phrase 'to jump on someone' i.e. the dog came up and jumped on me, can you use the verb sauter with sur? Thanks
  2. DearPrudence

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    French (lower Normandy)
    Hum, I don't think "sauter sur moi" would be completely wrong but I would rather say:
    "il m'a sauté dessus"

    With a noun:
    "He jumped on the postman"
    Il a sauté sur le facteur"

    "He jumped on him"
    "Il lui a sauté dessus"

    .... Ha, French! :rolleyes:
  3. Floor Senior Member

    North of France
    French France
    Yes, "sauter sur" is correct: le chien a sauté sur moi. However, we'd rather say: le chien m'a sauté dessus
  4. pmin Senior Member

    I understand that "to jump on somebody" has a sexual connotation. But can I say: "the dog jumped on his owner" without implying a weird sexual connotation.
    Thanks a lot
  5. Micia93

    Micia93 Senior Member

    in the center of France
    why ? it's just like in french, all depends on the context
    "il m'a sauté dessus" could mean (for instance) "pour m'annoncer une bonne nouvelle"
    nothing sexual here, don't you think so ?

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