to keep the venue and host consistently

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Hello! There is a social group that meets at a bar many times a month and the group organizer wrote "There's a small fee to enter. We share this with the bar to keep the venue and the post consistently". What does "consistently" mean in this context? It's unclear how "we" share the fee with the "venue" or the "host". Thanks!
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    It's not good English.

    They collect money and give some to the bar to keep them happy. It's sort of like rent for using the space - but it's an informal arrangement. They want to make sure they are always welcome so they don't have to keep looking over and over for a new place to meet. (That's what they mean by consistently but they haven't used the word properly.)

    The venue (the location of an event) in this case is the bar. I don't know who the host is.


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    I'm not certain, but I would guess that this refers to being able to count on having that space available when the group wants it.

    It sounds odd to me: Perhaps they could say that this allows them to keep their venue consistent.
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