to keep up with a bunch of relatives


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Let's say Pedro initially came to the US as a tourist who later became a citizen. He sent most of his earnings to his two brothers and a sister in his home country. They did not find work anymore, as they and their families totally depended on his remittances. They are even proud to tell their friends and neighbors that they have a brother who is a US citizen. As a retiree who has very little savings and a small pension, he regrets what he did with the following statement:

I worked three jobs to keep up with a bunch of relatives.​

That is, he was always forced to work for three employees because all his siblings were counting on him for their and their families' survival. Does the sentence above fit this context?
  • "Keep up with" suggests "compete with," which isn't what you're trying to say. "I worked three jobs to support my relatives."

    (Agreeing with CaptainZero)