To kiss someone windy

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  1. prismaia Senior Member


    could yo tell me the meaning of "to kiss someone windy"?

    This is part of the lyrics of the song "Under the bridge" (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

    I drive on her streets
    'Cause she's my companion
    I walk through her hills
    'Cause she knows who I am
    She sees my good detail
    And she kisses me windy
    I never worry
    Now that is a lie

    Thanks in advance
  2. DaisyHill New Member

    USA, English
    Hello! First of all, I don't know the answer to your question, but I can tell you that I've never heard an American describe how they were kissed as 'windy'. I have a question though: How is 'windy' pronounced? Does the 'wind' part of it rhyme with 'mind' or 'sinned'? Windy with a long 'i' has a different definition than windy with a short 'i'.
  3. suso26

    suso26 Senior Member

    Spanish México.
    Es algo asi como:
    Y me besa por besar (refiriendose a una rutina, a algo superficial).
    What do you think Daisyhill?
  4. prismaia Senior Member


    the sound is the same than when you pronouce "a windy day"
  5. outkast Senior Member

    English, USA
    Está hablando de su relación con Los Angeles. Es la ciudad que lo "kisses me windy". Tal vez se sienta besado por la brisa.
  6. Filis Cañí Banned

    The hills
    Triana, caló
    Por llevar la contraria, voy a decir que se refiere a un beso de rosca.
  7. DaisyHill New Member

    USA, English
    Primero, no comprendo la idea que se sienta besado por la brisa. (por favor, ayudame!) Ahora, se que Los Angelos es la cuidad de que esta hablando, pero L.A. no es 'the windy city', como Chicago. Ayudame comprender la relacion. De vez en cuando estoy lenta:) Yo hice algun investigacion de este cancion. No lo sabia que esta hablando sobre las drogas (Ya lo saben ustedes probablemente!). En ese caso, creo que el tiene un relacion con las drugas muy turbulento y por tanto, los 'besos' que obtiene de su solo amigo (la cuidad de Los Angelos) no estan duraderos. Like those of a fair-weather friend. Boy, this is getting deep, isn't it!
  8. DonQuixote New Member

    United States, Spanish & English
    Perhaps "to kiss someone windy" could be interpreted as "to kiss the breath out of someone" ---- also in the song itself "and she kisses me windy" could mean - since we now know she is Los Angeles, that the singer is describing their love for the city and how he feels loved by the city. ..... perhaps???
  9. raramuristar Senior Member

    Mexico City
    She simply blew him a kiss.

    I may be 100% wrong, but that is my idea.


  10. jabogitlu Senior Member

    Not sure if it has anything to do with Los Angeles or Chicago. I think it just continues the metaphor of a city:

    I drive on her streets
    I walk through her hills
    She kisses me windy.

    If so, then it probably doesn't have lot of meaning, besides "Ella me besa."
  11. outkast Senior Member

    English, USA
    Not that it matters, this can happen anywhere, but he´s talking about LA
    Sometimes I feel
    Like my only friend
    Is the city I live in
    The city of angels
  12. DonQuixote New Member

    United States, Spanish & English
    I definitely think it may indicate much more than just "Ella me besa," thus the need for the adverb "windy"
  13. aprenent

    aprenent Member

    Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Spain
    Spanish-Spain & Catalan-Mallorca
    parece ser que el adjetivo "windy" tiene dos significados (con sus respectivas pronunciaciones):
    1.- windy (pronunciado uindi) = ventoso
    2.- windy (pronunciado uaindi) = que tiene forma curvada o en espiral. En este caso windy=winding
    Lo he consultado en el "Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary" (la segunda acepción no está en Wordreference) aunque sería mejor que algún nativo inglés lo corroborara.
    Espero haber ayudado,
  14. V the Wanderer New Member

    Spain Spanish
    No soy nativo inglés, pero lo puedo corroborar al 100%. Estoy en Nueva Zelanda, y aquí las carreteras son retorcidas, y se las conoce como "windy roads". De hecho, es una de las cosas que avisan a los turistas en los panfletas. Así que windy (uaindi) = winding, "retorcido". O sea, "beso de tornillo".
  15. losher Senior Member

    SF, USA
    American/British hybrid
    I've never heard the expression, and a google search shows very few hits,
    but the OED allows that one of the figurative senses of the word windy is:

    so I'm guessing that, if it even has a meaning (not all sony lyrics do) something like "un beso ligero/despreocupado" would be the best translation.

    I also have to wonder if it isn't a mondegreen
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  16. Windy adam New Member

    Have done some research of opinions. I'd agree with what I'm reading. It's poetic. And it's a slight shortening in order to make it scan. He's saying that the wind kisses him. So short perhaps for she kisses me windily. Gracias.

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