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  1. adber010 Senior Member


    I wonder how you say in greek when you for instance stream a video and the internet connection is low and the video pauses constantly? I thought about σκαλώνω but I'm not sure...
  2. Perseas Senior Member


    first of all "σκαλώνω" is o.k. to me. Also, you can use the verbs "σέρνομαι" or "κολλάω" ("η σύνδεση κολλάει/σέρνεται"), that apply not only to streaming videos but also to internet connection in general. If you focus only on the pauses, the only I can think of right now is "κάνει διακοπές".
  3. adber010 Senior Member

    Ευχαριστώ πολύ!!
  4. Andrious Senior Member

    You can also use λαγκάρει, which comes from lag. See here:
    As for Perseas' words, I'd use σέρνεται, κολλάει, κάνει διακοπές but not σκαλώνει.
  5. Perseas Senior Member

    I don't know though how many Greeks use "λαγκάρω". It's the first time I hear that. As to "σκαλώνω", neither would I use it (I think), but if I heard it, I would understand what the problem is.
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  6. Tassos

    Tassos Senior Member

    I've heard it, mostly by young people and - interestingly - by people who like computers as a hobby (not professionals that is).
  7. adber010 Senior Member

    Yeah, I guess λαγκάρω is kind of gamers slang, maybe

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