to leave sby on read

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This is what you say in English when on an instantaneous chat (WhatsApp, Messenger...), someone sees/reads your message (as shown e.g. in WhatsApp by the double blue tick) but doesn't answer back. Do you have any way to say this in your language or country?

In Spain Spanish it's "dejar en visto" ("to leave in seen"). In Catalan, I usually say "deixar en visto" (without adapting the adjective, which would be "vist").

In Portugal Portuguese it's "dar vista" ("to give seen"). I guess the difference in gender is because "mensagem" is feminine in Portuguese but "mensaje" is masculine in Spanish.

Thank you!
  • TheCrociato91

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    To my knowledge, in Italian, we don't have a short and concise way to express that. What I personally say and mostly hear from people I know is visualizzare* e/ma non rispondere (to view and/but not reply).

    *which is, incidentally, not a very common term outside of the contexts of text messaging and watching YouTube videos.

    - Ogni volta che scrivo a Marco, visualizza e non risponde.
    - Every time I text Marco, he leaves me on read (lit. he views (the message) and doesn't respond).


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    Is this expression similar to "leave someone hanging", "cut off" or "ghost"?
    "Leave someone hanging" is what happens all the time with emails, vibers, sms, messenger etc. The receiver doesn't have time or doesn't know what to answer, doesn't want to make a decision.... so he hesitates and eventually lets the time go without answering which can be long when he forgets about it completely.
    "Cut off", whatever, is when you do this on purpose. You don't want to answer
    "Ghost", you decide never to answer.
    «Tον/την αφήνω ξεκρέμαστο/ξεκρέμαστη» [tɔn aˈfi.nɔ k͜seˈkre.mas.tɔ] (masc.)/[tin aˈfi.nɔ k͜seˈkre.mas.ti] --> to leave him/her hanging
    «Τον/την κλάνω» [tɔŋ ˈgla.nɔ] (masc.)/[tiŋ ˈgla.nɔ] (fem.) --> to fart on him/her
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