to like / to love


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Hi everyone!
love vtr (feel affection for sthg) a plăcea vb.intranz.
I love basketball.
Îmi place baschetul.
like vtr (thing) a plăcea vb.intranz.
Do you like pizza?
Îţi place pizza?
If a plăcea can translate to either like or love, how then can I make a distinction between something I have a moderate affection for and something that's literally my passion, as in "I like football but I love basketball"?

Thanks for your help!
  • Trisia

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    While the direct translation of "to like" is "a plăcea" and for "love" it's "a iubi", it's true you don't really hear "iubesc pizza" (that sounds odd). So to express a strong preference we might use "ador pizza" or "îmi place foarte mult", "îmi place enorm", etc. I guess we go by context most of the time, so if you have a specific sentence in mind you can let us know.

    I kind of hate sports but my take on that would be either the "îmi place... dar ador..." pair or a literal translation of your paraphrase: "Îmi place fotbalul dar pasiunea mea e baschetul".