to live (in a place) : animal vs. human subject

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    (from the other thread)

    I don't know. Have you seen a different verb or verbs used in this type of context?
  2. altazure Member

    My gut feeling is that asua is something humans do, in a house or some other built shelter, sleeping, cooking food, and so on. Sometimes you can see it used for animals too, but that is usually meant poetic, or to make them seem more human-like and relatable.

    I don't know about scientific language of biology, but I would probably say "Missä karhut elävät?", although that seems more like a general question ("where do bears (generally) live?"), or "Missä karhuja on?".
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    Nykysuomen sanakirja gives as an example Huuhkaja asuu synkissä metsissä. I don't see any poetic or fairylike meaning in it.
  4. Määränpää

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    Maybe not poetic, but synkissä metsissä sounds creative and expressive.

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