to look shifty

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What does it mean "to look shifty"? Quote: "Tommaso looked a little shifty. 'But that will mean I have to cook.' "
(Context: Tommaso is trying to seduce a girl with his cooking, but he tries to avoid the actual cooking because his friend can do it so much better. His friend's idea, though, is that Tommaso does the cooking himself)
To me this sounds more like "reluctant" or "uncertain" or "doubtful". :confused:
Hm, what do you think? THANKS IN ADVANCE! :)
  • suzi br

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    in this case I would read it as meaning he is looking uncomfortable as he tries to manipulate his pal ...

    the funny thing with looking shift in a story is that we are told it by the author but the other characters in the story do not seem to notice it!
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