to lose one's voice

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    je crois que ça se traduit directe: perdre sa voix

    ps: its comment dit-on ;) unless you are talking to someone and he has no clue what you are saying. then he might say: comment vous dites?

    pps: i am the better mod after all mr ddt :p:p


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    I'd suggest "perdre sa voix" or "rester sans voix"


    Edit: Benjy, we posted at the same time ;)

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    charlie2 said:
    If you have already lost your voice because you are ill, "tu es aphone"?
    Yes, this is what I would say.
    And when I look at the translation of "aphone" in the WR dictionnary I find "voiceless" so this confirms what you suggested, charlie2.
    However "aphony" or "aphonia" do exist in my COD but I guess they sound much more technical in English then they do in French.
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