to make a mess, leave a room or place messy

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  1. Melikhovo Senior Member

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    I was wondering what may be the best way to express this. For example, someone leaves their room a mess or a customer in a restaurant made a mess of the table and then left. Also, if you had a party and the guests made a mess of your house... I'm assuming you must differentiate between making a mess of somewhere as opposed to dirtying up a place. Im sure this would sound weird in conversation, but here is my attempt:

    оставить комнату, стол и т.д без порядок.

  2. Ёж! Senior Member

    Right. The second is "намусорить", and the first is "оставить в беспорядке". There are of course other words and expressions.
  3. Melikhovo Senior Member

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    спасибо большое.
    А как правильно употребляется "намусорить"?
    можно сказать: все намусорили мой дом? (говоря о вечеринках)?
  4. Budspok Senior Member

    Lübertsy, Russian Federation
    Оставить кавардАк/ бардАк/ беспорЯдок/ хаОс/ дым коромЫслом / мамАево побОище ….
  5. rusita preciosa

    rusita preciosa Modus forendi

    USA (Φιλαδέλφεια)
    Russian (Moscow)
    намусорили [где?] в моём доме / у меня в доме
  6. Ёж! Senior Member

    Если понятно, о чём идёт речь, то можно просто сказать: "намусорили после себя".

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