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    could you help me with this phrase I can't understand well, please?
    Context: a company, for the construction of a viaduct, will choose the design of "he" (see below) even if there is another one which is better and more secure. This simply because the company already knows the first designer...

    "If he (the first designer) saw his way to make more out of contracting for carrying out somebody else's design, no doubt he'd do it.
    But failing that, he'll palm his own off upon them, and the director will accept it."

    My shy try (I'm not sure at all):

    "Se trovasse il modo di guadagnare di più prendendo in appalto la realizzazione del progetto di qualcun altro, lo farebbe di sicuro..."

    Thanks a lot
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    Hai ragione, "guadagnare più soldi."

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